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Homeschooling Theme: Houses & Homes!

Houses and Homes - as simple as this theme sounds, there's a lot of exciting activities and learning to be done. We spent 3 weeks on this theme, and as usual here is an over view of what we planned to learn (I tend to find planning one of these before the theme, really helps… Continue reading Homeschooling Theme: Houses & Homes!

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Homeschooling Theme: Saudi Arabia! (Part 1)

Whilst many of the homeschoolers around the world may be focusing on the beautiful season of Autumn (something we don't get to see in the desert of Saudi Arabia) we focused all our energy on where we live. So our second theme in our homeschooling year was all about Saudi Arabia. As we decided to… Continue reading Homeschooling Theme: Saudi Arabia! (Part 1)

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Homeschooling Theme: All About Me!

So it's been a month since our homeschooling routine has begun 🙂 We set up our classrooms in preparation and organised our year by dedicating folders to each of our themes, tidied out the bookshelf, added lots of labels - all of this took about 2 solid weeks by the way! and just so you… Continue reading Homeschooling Theme: All About Me!