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A Day from Our Homeschool Plans:

As many of you may have gathered by now, I seem to be always planning or sharing snippets of my plans. Well, the main reason is I love to plan thoroughly before I begin the homeschooling year for a few reasons. It is hard work maintaining 2 to 3 jobs at one time. Housewife, Homeschooling… Continue reading A Day from Our Homeschool Plans:

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Behind the scenes @mamateachesme

I receive a lot of messages on my Instagram page about how inspiring it is to see what I do with my children, and some really sweet and encouraging messages that motivate me to continue - even though I have been through times where I also thought homeschooling is not working out! (at the beginning… Continue reading Behind the scenes @mamateachesme

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Daily Ramadan Activities with Kids

With so many resources available to us for our kids this Ramadan - how do you choose between them all? Colouring sheets, fine motor sheets, flashcards, journals, workbooks. As Ammarah grows older (nearly 4), she has a somewhat better understanding of the world around her. So this year her Ramadan learning has turned up a… Continue reading Daily Ramadan Activities with Kids

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Free Ramadan Resource!

One of the reasons I actually started this blog is because a number of people have asked me to share resources I have created - and its proven difficult on Instagram and Facebook. So I'm posting up the link for you all to access the 30 Ramadan Good deeds visuals instantly in sha Allah - it'll save… Continue reading Free Ramadan Resource!