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Homeschooling Theme: Saudi Arabia! (Part 1)

Whilst many of the homeschoolers around the world may be focusing on the beautiful season of Autumn (something we don't get to see in the desert of Saudi Arabia) we focused all our energy on where we live. So our second theme in our homeschooling year was all about Saudi Arabia. As we decided to… Continue reading Homeschooling Theme: Saudi Arabia! (Part 1)

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Post-Hajj Reflections & Lessons

This is for all those who asked to hear my reflections of my Hajj this year. Hajj lesson #1: Some thing awesome I learnt during my Hajj experience was - taking the difficult path meant Allah helped me get through it. Here are the details: On the day of Eid, after the ritual stoning of… Continue reading Post-Hajj Reflections & Lessons

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Homeschooling Theme: Hajj – How I plan!

One of the easiest ways for me to plan when homeschooling Ammarah and Hibah is planning around a relevant theme. The month of Dhul-Hijjah is fast approaching - this is the month in which the Hajj pilgrimage is performed by many Muslims all over the world who travel to Makkah to perform their Hajj. So… Continue reading Homeschooling Theme: Hajj – How I plan!