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Daily Ramadan Activities with Kids

With so many resources available to us for our kids this Ramadan - how do you choose between them all? Colouring sheets, fine motor sheets, flashcards, journals, workbooks. As Ammarah grows older (nearly 4), she has a somewhat better understanding of the world around her. So this year her Ramadan learning has turned up a… Continue reading Daily Ramadan Activities with Kids

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Teaching Qur’an to 3-5 year olds

I always thought I'd be teaching Qur'an to Ammarah starting with a basic alphabet book which moves on to short vowels (fat-ha, dhamma, kasra) and helps her to read Arabic. I actually never imagined that she would know some of the shorter surahs in the Qur'an at nearly age 4 -alhamdulillah, may Allah preserve her. Ameen.… Continue reading Teaching Qur’an to 3-5 year olds

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Ramadan Homeschooling Plans

This week has really been preparation week! I finally have time to think, reflect and prepare for Ramadan like I've never done before! I have never really organised how I'll work through my Ramadan weeks, except maybe try to recite Qur'an throughout the month. This year with the added responsibility of my children and entertaining… Continue reading Ramadan Homeschooling Plans

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House Management: Weekly Schedules!

As I prepare my week for the coming of the blessed month of Ramadan, I refer back to my weekly schedule that I created right at the beginning of my home-school journey. I plan weekly - always. Whether it's a teaching week or even a holiday week. It just helps me prepare by seeing the… Continue reading House Management: Weekly Schedules!

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Free Ramadan Resource!

One of the reasons I actually started this blog is because a number of people have asked me to share resources I have created - and its proven difficult on Instagram and Facebook. So I'm posting up the link for you all to access the 30 Ramadan Good deeds visuals instantly in sha Allah - it'll save… Continue reading Free Ramadan Resource!